168: Emily Lee – Mobile-Friendly Website Design for Photographers and Creatives

168: Emily Lee – Mobile-Friendly Website Design for Photographers and Creatives

Wowing with your Website! Today we are talking to Emily Lee about amping your website to the next level! 

Emily Jane Lee is the owner of the website design business “By Emily Jane”, where she specializes in creating custom Squarespace sites for wedding professionals and creative service providers.

With her former experience as a photographer, she fully understands how difficult it can be to create a website that actually helps you stand out and make money. That’s why Emily loves helping other creatives get more dream client inquiries by incorporating proven strategy and professional design into their websites.

168: Emily Lee - Mobile Friendly Website Design for Photographers and Creatives

(AKA: HAVING A PRETTY WEBSITE ISN’T ALL THERE IS TO IT! Listen as Emily shares her expertise on creating a site that isn’t just beautiful, it’s also user-friendly and performs well in Google search results.)

Emily finds it especially important to make sure your site is functioning well on mobile. According to Emily, over half of your website traffic is taking place on mobile (!!!) so it’s important not to dismiss this common blindspot.

Don’t fret, Emily is here to help! She’ll cover:

  • Why we must optimize our websites for mobile (and what that even means)
  • Top 5 mobile mistakes photographers make on their site
  • How to audit your site for mobile-friendliness going forward

This will affect OVER HALF of your site views? I wouldn’t wait to listen if I were you! 

Check our her “5 Quick Fixes for SEO” at www.byemilyjane.com/seofix

And connect with Emily at: 

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