169: Emily Foster – Branding and Design Tips for Photographers

Sep 6, 2022

Hot off the press! It’s another incredible episode of The Profitable Photographer Podcast! 

Join our host, Master Photographer and Photography Business Coach, Luci Dumas, as she gabs with Branding and Website Designer Emily Foster about all things branding! 

169: Emily Foster- Branding and Design Tips for Photographers

Not only is Emily a Branding and Website Designer, but, to our delight, she SPECIALIZES IN WORKING WITH PHOTOGRAPHERS! Too perfect! With 7 years of design experience and a background in event marketing, she loves everything related to photography and the wedding industry. (BONUS: She’s also a recent bride so she knows a thing or two about the current client-side of wedding photography.)

According to our guest, “branding is the visual voice of your business.” It is THE key to ensuring that your company’s message is getting out in the world and attracting those fabulous ideal clients along the way. 

And guess what! Your brand should be effective, not just pretty! Tough stuff, we know, but Emily is here to help!

Here’s just a taste of Emily’s tips for branding: 

  1. Make sure your logo is scalable and easy to apply. Keep it simple! (And make sure it looks good both in color AND in black and white)
  2. Figure out where your ideal clients are finding you. What questions are they asking?
  3. Keep track of your audience. Using a CRM (customer relationship management) will help you organize who is who.

Listen now for the full gamut of Emily’s branding and design wisdom! 


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