170: Luci Dumas – GO, WAIT, or STOP…Knowing When to Make Changes

Sep 13, 2022

“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen, again and again, fear must be overcome again and again.” Abraham Maslow

Today is a solo episode with “yours truly”, Luci Dumas, on the topic of how to decide to jump, pause, or walk away…i.e….the challenge of making decisions and taking action in one direction or another. I go deep into what to consider when creating something new, or leaving something you have tried that isn’t serving the big picture anymore.

170: Luci Dumas - GO, WAIT, or STOP...Knowing When to Make Changes

There are so many decisions we make every single day in our photography businesses, right? Little ones and big ones.  So…many…things. I am sure you have had lots of these and will have more

How to market, what to charge, where to spend our time.

Should we hire help and how do we find them?

Is it time to move, quit a job, leave a community of friends, colleagues, a spiritual community, or a relationship? These are often such hard decisions. Even changing camera systems or photo labs or letting someone go that is working for us is not easy.

This podcast episode explores this topic including fun tips when you have a choice in front of you, on how to decide:

  • the coin toss
  • the mirror test
  • the gut check vs. the fear factor
  • the energy evaluation

I am not suggesting I am a master at this. I often stay too long and miss out on opportunities or just wasted time and energy, with little to show for it. I wish I had left the full-time wedding industry and jumped into baby photography sooner, spent more money and time hiring a coach and getting more help years ago, tried more new ideas, and even found a studio space that was bigger than the one I was in for decades. But…I have made enough great choices in life that have helped me have 40 years of success, travel, fun…and so can you.

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