171: Charlotte Issac and the Joys of CRMs and Automation

Sep 20, 2022

“Alongside great systems and routines, habits are key to becoming, and staying, organized” – Chrissy Halton.

A fabulous quote that encapsulates this episode of the Profitable Photographer Podcast–it’s all about getting your business organized using a CRM! 

171: Charlotte Issac and the Joys of CRMs and Automation

Our host, Master Photographer and Photography Business Coach Luci Dumas, sat down with guest Charlotte Isaac. Charlotte is a Business Operations Consultant who gave up her role as a Corporate Ops Manager so she could serve small business owners one-on-one. She loves working with clients who love their clients, especially photographers! 

Through her signature program, Ease Seekers Society, and her DIY Dubsado training, Charlotte helps overwhelmed and overworked Entrepreneurs build customized solutions so they can serve their clients better, automate busywork, and feel confident in their business. Sounds like we could all use a little Charlotte in our busy lives!

We are so excited to blow your mind with all Charlotte’s got to offer! She’ll go over:

  • What the heck is a CRM ?
  • When to automate and when to hire
  • Designing and automating a welcome packet
  • Personalizing your automated check-ins & planning moments to surprise & delight 
  • The many, many possibilities offered by a CRM

And how do we know it’s time to automate? Charlotte says, if we do something over and over again, it’s a perfect opportunity for automation!

You don’t have to do this whole photography business thing alone! Let Charlotte show you how to make life a little easier.

And while you’re at it, grab her free gift the “7 Steps to Automation’ course at https://charlotteisaac.com/lucidumas

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