• getting to do what you love
  • for incredible photography clients
  • and making a great living


“She has changed my career and life forever. My family and I are so grateful.”


WOULDN’T YOU LOVE TO… a pool of incredible clients who are thrilled to invest generously in your photography, valuing your artistry and expertise?

...confidently convert hot leads into substantial orders, effortlessly selling wall portraits, albums, and more, without feeling pushy or salesy?

...transform your passion, personality, and energy into a highly rewarding business getting to do what you love for people who not only adore your work, but treasure the moments you capture for them.


Someone who wholeheartedly believes in you and possesses an innate ability to guide you through every aspect of your business?

Howdy, hello, and hi there, I’m Luci Dumas.

An Award-Winning Master-Craftsman Photographer With a Successful Four-Decade career as a Portrait and Wedding photographer. A business coach and proud host of The Profitable Photographer Podcast.

My business superpower is In Person Sales with most of my clients investing in 3 to 7 wall portraits from family and children’s portrait session. My coaching superpower is teaching this proven system. AND supporting dreamers like you (yes, you!) who want to build a successful photography business that allows you to do what you love, brings in a great income, and helps you to share your gifts with the world. 

As someone that is intuitive and empathic, I can see your potential and how to get there. 

The process is very personalized and not a “one size fits all” approach, pulling from my knowledge, experience, education, and inner guidance. Yes, there is “core curriculum” that covers the foundation of a successful business but this is your journey where I guide you on the next steps to get you to your dream destination.

Are you ready for a truth bomb?

Most of us are super passionate about photography, but don’t start out thinking “hey, running a business sounds fun.”

We have the desire to use our photography as income and a way to share our gifts,

but knowing how to create a business is kind of overwhelming.

Besides being an excellent photographer, there are “all the things” we need to figure out… branding, marketing, pricing, sales (gulp!), time management… and if you are anything like me, there are those inner challenges like self-doubt, fear of being pushy or saying no, and money mindset issues can hold us back, making it challenging to figure out what to do next.  

Good news!  A great coach who knows the recipe for success can make all the difference, helping you create a clear vision of where you want to go and, most importantly, how to get there one step at a time.

A guiding light, a teacher, an experienced friend with a customized program that meets you where you are, and is your biggest cheerleader on your unique journey. One thing I notice how growing a business helps us grow as people and have a more confidence, less stressful and happier life. 


Think you might be ready for coaching? Wonder what it’s like to get support from me?


what my clients are saying


Meredith Dickens

Family Photographer

“I’m not quite sure where to begin to describe how wonderful and valuable Luci is.`

She found me in a place when my business was established but I was lacking the skills and the confidence to bring it to the next level. Luci not only gave me the push to move forward but she also taught me how to communicate with clients, set my goals and meet them, how to reach my target market, and the in’s and outs of running a financially successful photography business. She has changed my career and life forever. Myself and my family are so grateful.”

Joel Treadwell

Family Photographer

A few words for those considering Luci for mentoring:

Luci has helped me redefine my business. She has not only been a business coach sharing her extensive experience in the industry, but also become a mentor helping me overcome my personal roadblocks to success. After working with Luci I have- a brand that is true to me, a clear picture of my ideal client and how to reach them, and a workable business model that can meet my financial goals. Luci, thanks for guiding, supporting, and occasionally prodding me on my journey.”

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