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102: Anne Marie Shumate- Learn From Your Missteps

Anne Marie Shumate has owned Lasting Images Photography for over 17 years. She is a dynamic collector of stories and experiences. A PPA Master and a Certified Professional Photographer, she has won numerous international awards and has been accepted into the Loan, Showcase, and General Collection of Merit Images with PPA. She is also a mentor for photographers all over the country, helping people improve their photography and businesses.

Our discussion dives into the wise practice of evaluating what you are doing well and, more importantly, what you can do to improve your client experience to reach your goals.

Example- She suggests starting with what you are trying to become and where are you right now? What is working and what is not. We talk about…
1. Limiting beliefs and the desperation mindset
2. Helping clients need to relax and know that they are in good hands.
3. Being sure to deliver what you promise
4. Our limiting beliefs…what to I need to know that I don’t know about money?
5. Fear of hearing NO
6. Avoiding burn out

Her “last word” is this…Let go of the fear, of whatever is holding back from where you want to be. Take an honest look at how you can improve both yourself and your business.

She is offering a free photography coaching session to one lucky winner. Email me to enter sharing why you need this and one challenge you want to overcome Luci@lucidumas.com

Get in touch with Anne Marie at
Instagram: @lastingimagesaz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lasting-Images-Photography-179801075346

101: Richie Schwartz- Going to the Dogs…Volume Pet Photography

Pet Photographer Richie Schwartz: With 40 years as a pro photographer, this former Vet Tech, Groomer and Dog Trainer’s experiences and talent have given him the ability to create unique pet portraits. Based in NY, he has photographed over 75,000 pets in 33 states and is known as “America’s Most Experienced Pet Photographer”. He is also an educator and mentor, teaching pet photography and general business skills to other photographers. Richie volunteers his time to help animal rescue groups.

This fun conversation is focused on very high volume photography and how to create portrait events in the businesses that serve your niche. So many of my guests have focused on having businesses with low volume and high dollar session. Learning how to make an incredible living doing the opposite, especially photographing pets, is eye opening.

Richie shares the strategies he uses to photograph in over 40 plus pet stores and other businesses that serve the pet community.

And he leaves us with a joke sure to make you LOL.

Here is how to get in touch with Mr. Schwartz
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Richie.Schwartz

100- 100th Episode Extravaganza!

Luci Dumas celebrates the 100th episode of ‘The Profitable Photographer with Luci Dumas’. This show helps people learn more about the business of photography and find inspiration and information from amazing guests. With listeners in over 73 countries and almost 49k downloads, there is a lot to celebrate.

She shares her journey from wedding and portrait photographer, to business coach, to podcast hostess….why she answered the call to create this education tool and what she loves about it.

Luci gives a shout out to some of the most downloaded guest and a little about their topics. She also shares some of her solo episodes and why you will want to go back and listen/re-listen to these and the other wonderful guest interviews.

Be sure to connect with Luci to learn about coaching, her online sales academy, and recommend guests for the next 100 shows


099: Mitche Graf- 6 Star Service

Mitche Graf is a daddy of 3, best-selling author of 9 books, a serial entrepreneur, international-renowned business speaker, nationally-syndicated radio show host and former All American Track & Field athlete. For over 25 years, he has dangled his toes into the ponds of many intriguing industries along the way. From selling used bicycle parts out of his garage in the seventh grade to running four companies today, he has prided himself on knowing how to squeeze every drop of potential out of his endeavors.

His high-voltage seminars and workshops have been delivered around the world and his cutting-edge articles have appeared in the pages of business trade magazines such as Rangefinder, PPA Magazine, Limo Digest, Chauffer Driven, Image Maker, and Fresh Cup.

Our conversation centers around the power of what he calls “6 Star Service”… going well beyond what is expected from any business that wants to be successful. In his newest book, “Customer Service is Dead…Delivering 6 star service in a one star world” he covers 6 important aspect of this topic and he share those in the interview such as…
-Treating your client like gold
-Correcting mistakes quickly and effectively
-Exceeding expectations.

His parting tip is to ask yourself everyday -What can I do today to make my client’s lives a little bit better? This is an action packed conversation you will be able to use in your photography business right away.

Connect with Mitche to learn more about his programs and books

098: Joey Thomas-Why People Buy

Joey Thomas is an award-winning, nationally published entrepreneur, photographer, speaker, and educator. He is co-owner of Serendipity Albums and owner of both Joey T Photography and Mastercrafted Workshops.

His background in psychology and education gives him a unique understanding into the “WHY” of sales and business and he loves to share that insight with all small business owners both in and outside of photography. For those of us with photography businesses, this info is super valuable

He shares his wisdom on the psychology of why people buy. He sums it up in what he calls the Four Corners of Perceived Value. Those are

  1. Brand identity and messaging behind it
  2. The Client experience
  3. Intelligent pricing
  4. The Sales Process and what we offer as products and prints beyond digitals.

He leaves you with this final thought…that you are worth what you believe FIRST and then what your clients believe!

Be sure to watch this webinar from Joey
Clubhouse: @JoeyThomas22

097: Luci Dumas- Luxury


My thoughts on luxury and why creating a high involvement, high quality experience for clients gives you a competitive edge over other photography businesses are the topic of today’s solo episode.

I share a definition and WHY we humans will invest well on more than necessities in life, REASONS it is a valuable goal to set as photographers, HOW to create a luxury business that makes clients feel special and happy to hire us at prices that are well above the average, and some of the ways we can COMMUNICATE guality and value.

I share ideas on the value of

  • effective branding both in design and structure of our photography business
  • quality products
  • artistic/high taste lever designs of our photographs and products
  • simplicity and specializing
  • and most important of all, personalized service with a caring, involved relationship with the customer

I hope this gives you some things to ponder and ideas to create an even more luxury experience for your clients. Remember…there is always room a the top.

096: Lisa Asp “Pin-Up Pet” Fundraising Calendar Tips

Founder and Director of the Animal Image Makers Conference, and a mentor and teacher, Lisa Asp is a pet photographer and owner ofTangerine House of Design. She has been creating photographic art since 1995. Her work has been included in the Professional Photographers of America Loan Collection books and the Showcase Collection books a number of times.
Lisa is a Master Craftsman and CCP with PPA and Master Artist. Wow! Photographer. Fewer than 1% of all professional photographers hold these multiple honors.

In this episode, Lisa shares her success with fundraising calendars to attract ideal clients and bring in some nice sales, grow her audience, and contribute significantly to the charities she supports.

She goes into detail on how she makes her “Pin-Up Pets”  Fundraiser extremely successful. One smart aspect of the program is that the charity does all of the marketing and sales of the calendars.

Sign up for the April 15 to 18 2021 Animal Image Makers event and save 15% off enrollment. http://www.AnimalImageMakers.com ASP to save 15%

Also, download her FREE print competition download for listeners with tips for “kicking ass” in print competition -text profit to 844-738-8647


095: Lindsay Betz- Money Wisdom

Today’s episode is all about money…how to be wise and pro-active in the management of the income we receive.

Lindsey Betz is co owner of Jonathan Betz Photography, is a
photographic Craftsman, and chief implementer over the of their clients’ experience and studio management. She regularly teaches at the national level as well as locally and regionally. She serves as a PPA Councilor and on the national PPA EDU Committee.

She is also very knowledgeable about not only earning but using money as a tool to create the life we want now and into our retirement.

Topics include:

  1. Creativity and budgeting…..starting with our needs and the dream
  2. Why we should spend less and save 3 to 6 month emergency fund.
  3. Why you want to be debt free
  4. 15% retirement saving…both Roth IRA and traditional
  5. Price for profitability-
  6. Communicate with spouses partners,
  7. Know your “yeses” and “nos”. Take time to figure out your values and which relate to where you spend your money

This is an eye-opening and educational conversation everyone can benefit from for sure!


094: Seshu- The Art of Authentic Headshots

Seshu is a portrait photographer with Connecticut Headshots, which serves the marketing and communication departments in the medical, real estate, financial, and other businesses.

His photography helps busy executives and small business owners project a positive presence for their clients and peers.

In this episode, Seshu shares about how he puts people at ease and brings out their best with a collaborative approach.

He also give us his hot tips for the business of headshot photography
1. Work with the right clients…find and qualify. Word of mouth has
helped. Share your work
2. Opportunities are everywhere…Steve Sapporito
3. Know your numbers!
4. Price for profit
5. Learn to sell

To get in touch with Seshu or follow him go to
Connecticut Headshots

093: Luci Dumas-Natural Light Mastery

This week is a solo episode on The Profitable Photographer and is different than most. This episode is all about lighting, especially how to photograph outdoors without supplemental lighting.

Luci Dumas teaches photography skills that will help any photographer be more profitable by creating more sellable and beautiful portraits.

Luci Dumas is an expert at “Natural Light Photography”…meaning,…she
is highly skilled at finding and using available light to create her outdoor portraits. This goes beyond simply photographing late in the day or early morning to have that “sweet light” available when the sun is low in the horizon.

She shares the tips and principles that make a difference between just okay outdoor portraits and stunning images clients love and purchase
as art for her home.

Some of the information shared are
-the importance of directing light into the face
– why catch lights in the eyes are a powerful guide to portrait lighting
– what Luci means by “first tree in the forest” lighting and how to find it
-Why windows, doors, hallways, and walls are the key to great lighting

Click here receive the slides created to accompany this program

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