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093: Luci Dumas-Natural Light Mastery

This week is a solo episode on The Profitable Photographer and is different than most. This episode is all about lighting, especially how to photograph outdoors without supplemental lighting.

Luci Dumas teaches photography skills that will help any photographer be more profitable by creating more sellable and beautiful portraits.

Luci Dumas is an expert at “Natural Light Photography”…meaning,…she
is highly skilled at finding and using available light to create her outdoor portraits. This goes beyond simply photographing late in the day or early morning to have that “sweet light” available when the sun is low in the horizon.

She shares the tips and principles that make a difference between just okay outdoor portraits and stunning images clients love and purchase
as art for her home.

Some of the information shared are
-the importance of directing light into the face
– why catch lights in the eyes are a powerful guide to portrait lighting
– what Luci means by “first tree in the forest” lighting and how to find it
-Why windows, doors, hallways, and walls are the key to great lighting

Click here receive the slides created to accompany this program

092: Jenna Henderson- Boundaries Are Our Friends

Jenna Henderson is a boss bitch balance coach (her words) and photographer, with more than 15 years experience in the photography industry. Her super powers are giving creative women permission to feel empowered within their business journey, and helping them create a life of balance and peace. Jenna believes in validating creative careers and identities other than motherhood for woman. 

Her wisdom is also powerful for men and covers lots of important ways to have “the good life” as self employed professionals.

Our discussion covers several aspects of setting boundaries. She shares her thoughts on

   1- Time boundaries- setting up schedules that allow us to have the work life balance that creates more life satisfaction and success. 

   2-Space boundaries-It is important carve out a space for a work space at home because the lines get blurred. 

   3- Emotional-it is okay to pour ourselves into our clients but know when to have limits and communicate them.

Some of her tips include

      -the importance of self awareness. Is it serving me? 

      -starting small when making changes

      -manage expectations

      -energy- allow yourself to fully rest

She also has a lot to share about what she calls “Permission Mindset”. We are allowed to do whatever we want. “You have the life you have want. Do you. Focus on your wants and dreams.”

Free gift for my Profitable Photographer listeners
Free download of The Boundary Compass

Instagram: @jennahendersonphoto
Bright Boss Academy: http://www.jennaclicks.com/brightboss
Email: hello@jennahenderson.com

091: Mary Fisk Taylor-Storybrand Framework and Tips for Photographers

Mary Fisk-Taylor

MBA, M. Photog., Cr., EA- ASP, CPP, ABI, API
Certified StoryBrand Guide
Profit First Professional and Guide

PPA Vice-President and soon to be President Mary Fisk-Taylor has a rich career in photography as well as service to our industry.
For almost 25 years Mary Fisk-Taylor has owned a portrait and wedding business with her business partner, Jamie Hayes in Richmond, Virginia.
Hayes & Fisk Photography is one of the most sought-after Portrait and Wedding studios in their industry. Mary and Jamie are both incredibly
committed to preserving family legacies, professionally capturing and printing portrait and milestone memories.

Mary also co-hosts the podcast Get Your Shoot Together with Kira Derryberry and has her own consulting company helping other small business creatives be more profitable, sustainable and successful.

In this delightful interview, she share her knowledge of the very popular and powerful “Storybrand” model of marketing and communicating what makes us special to our ideal clients.

She explains step by step, the 7 part framework of this teaching and why it is so much more powerful than lots of flowery words about our studios or the need for our services.
Some of the steps are to

  • Agitate/illustrate a problem and tell how I can solve the problem
  • Make your client the hero.
  • Become the guide out of the problem using empathy and authenticity
  • Give them a plan- simple and clear. It is a good way for them not to be afraid.
  • Cast a vision of what their life can look like after working with us

She shares about coming from an authoritative place, the value of stories, testimonials, videos of clients viewing their portraits for the first time and much more.

Mary’s final word of encouragement is that everyone has days where you don’t feel worthy or just plain tired. Give yourself grace. Don’t compare. None of us is wearing superhero caps.

You can find her on Clubhouse and
Instagram @maryfisktaylor
podcast http://www.getyourshoottogether.com

090: Scott Josuweit-The Value of Purpose and Process

Scott Josuweit is a former 7th-grade special education math teacher turned wedding photographer.
He has earned six figures for the past five years and loves getting to work with other photographers to help their dreams come true.

Scott’s Zone of Genius is business systems. He loves them, he teaches about them, and we have a great conversation about them and much more.
The reason for this focus on systems with purpose, is so photographers can get their time back but also give their clients a personalized high-end high-touch experience. It also help us Bbe able to quantify your success so you can know where your money is coming from, keep adapting

We also discuss how to use your CRM to help other. One example…how could you use it by helping serve vendor
create a gallery for one specific venue where they can easily find my photos. That is the Purpose.

Then he share the Process which is to
1-create the gallery
2-create video to help the vendor know how to use it
3-invite vendor by meeting in purpose

His last thoughts are this…
Stop constantly consuming educations and start implementing and see what happens

To contact Scott Josuweit you can go to his website, facebook, or instagram


089: André Amyot- 50 Years of Wisdom

There is a lot to share about Andre Amyot, as he has been a photographer for over 50 years.

He served in the Canadian Air Force for 10 years as a photographer and opened his first photography studio in 1974, eventually grossing almost 2 million per year. He created the “Photo Coach” business system and has taught to close to 2000 photographers during 18 years across Canada, US, Belgium and France.

Luci Dumas and Andre have a relaxing back and forth conversation and chat about the following topics

1-Listen to your instinct…trust your gut…big and small inner guidance
2-Be aware of what is happening, what are the challenges and where is the knowledge you need
3-Find a mentor
4-Tips-understanding the fact that you should learn business
-why are you a photographer?
-why are you a photographer in business?
5-Focus on how you can SERVE people
6-For established photographers-we can be more set in our ways. Be flexible…try things…look for advice
7- Why we should keep in touch with your customers

Andre is offering a free ebook, From Passion to Profits

Contact info
1 514-978-8486

088: Hart Tan- Seven Figure Singapore Photographer

Hey fans of The Profitable Photographer Podcast, be sure to listen to Singapore photographer, Hart Tan, who runs a high volume, 7 figure business he started 12 years ago.

He is an award-winning Master Photographer, entrepreneur, and owner of one of the largest photography studios in Singapore called Tomato. He shares his wisdom and his recommendation that we rely not just on what we can learn but what we can discover within ourselves about how to be more successful, happier, and creating the career the way that works for you.

I love our conversations and his thoughts on the following topics
– Know that building a business is like building a house…start with the foundation. This can create a lot of freedom.
– Always be curious about what works and what doesn’t.
– Test and measure everything you do to market
– Take personal responsibility, creative thinking, and problem-solving-
– Remember that piece of advice can be a bad fit for you. Trust your inner guidance.
– Have a system

To connect with Hart

Watch his video on how much to charge
Send me a text on WhatsApp
Website: http://www.tomato.sg

087: Pete Rezac-Fine Art Portraiture & Film

A PPA Master, Craftsmen, CPP…Pete Rezac is a portrait photographer based in Reno Nevada. He is educator, print competition juror, and on the PPA Board of Directors AND Professional Photographer’s of Californias past president and now chairman of the board. If I were to list all of the accomplishments of my next guest the podcast would be just about over.

But his work…oh my gosh…it is amazing. he has received over 100 print merits and so many top awards for his gorgeous images.

He uses medium and large format cameras and film in creating his fine art portraiture and loves the tactile process it provides him in creating his work, along with the rich tones and high fidelity of the photographs that come from these tools.

He shares about his love of film and how it helps him creates fine portraits that create better sales for him, by giving a unique client experience, and a quality of print not available from other photographers.

His “last word” is that there is an inner voice inside of us. Listen to this. Stick with what you love. Be yourself. And get involved locally.

Connect with Pete via his email as he is happy to answer questions

086: Victoria Burscusel-How To Sell Your Photography

This week’s interview is a little different. It is a live coaching call with Victoria Burscusel, a wonderful photographer in Brisbane Australia.

Our main conversation centers around how to sell her photography. I give a step by step guide on how to position yourself from the first contact as the Trusted Advisor.

Then I cover the following

-How to plant seeds for the purchase of wall art and albums
-The reason a projector is your best friend
-What to say on a phone call and consultation
-My secrets to successful sales that can lead to the purchase of 3 to 7 wall portraits almost every time.
…and more.

If you would like to be a guest and be coaching on The Profitable Photographer, or was to learn more about my coaching program, feel free to contact me via email or Facebook.

And remember to join my private group and like my page for more support.

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085: Andrew Hellmich-Video Marketing and FB Ads

The amazing Andrew Hellmich is an Australian based wedding and portrait photographer who’s been in business for over 20 years. Recognized as a Master Photographer by the AIPP, he also hosts the business podcast PhotoBizX. An interview-based, weekly podcast, where Andrew has photographers and other experts revealing their marketing, advertising, pricing and business secrets in detail.

In this powerful episode, Andrew shares his ideas on both Video Marketing and Facebook Ads. He wants portrait and wedding photographers to have several marketing strategies and shares the importance of having several sources of great leads.

Some tips on using videos include the following

  1. All you need is a phone
  2. Video is super powerful
  3. You can use youtube to get clients
  4. Using videos on websites on various pages and why
  5. Adding video in emails to get maximum response
  6. Do’s and don’ts for recording including lighting and audio tips
  7. The power of using testimonials about vendors we love and want to partner with.

He also shares about Facebook Ad tactics, different kinds of ads and which work best, and how to retarget using Facebook Pixels

Andrew has a 3 week Daily Vlog Challenge coming up and would love for you to join in. Just sign up on this link and you are in. https://photobizx.com/luci

Contact Andrew here, listen to Photobizx and join the community for more brilliant support.


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084: In Memoriam-Jennifer George: How Personal Projects and Competitions Grow your Business

Standing out in a very crowded field is something every photographer needs to do in order to become profitable. Jennifer George did this quickly by creating her own recognizable style, entering and winning local and national print competitions, speaking, and writing photography books. She also uses her passion and personal projects to inspire others and give back.

In this episode, Luci and Jennifer discuss:

  • How personal projects will build your portfolio and photography business.
  • Entering (and winning) competitions can be leveraged with high-end clients because people are attracted to award-winning professionals.
  • In an oversaturated photography market, you can set yourself apart by learning all you can from art classes, social media workshops, and marketing seminars.
  • Your work will be original and compelling when you find your true authentic self. Jennifer credits Luci as a significant influence on her style from the start.
  • How high-end photographers are not stagnant and the benefits of honing in on a clientele that is going to grow your business.

Jennifer George has gained a national reputation for her intimate, stylistic portraits. Since 1999, Her soulful images, use of natural lighting and multi-cultural awareness have afforded her the ability to follow her dream. The awards she has earned in just a few short years highlight Jennifer’s skill and passion for photography. Jennifer was recipient of California Photographer of the Year, People’s Choice Award twice, the Grand Premiere Award for Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International and many more.

In 2014, she began using her photography to tell the stories of abused woman and created the exhibit “Exposing Scars”. This powerful project was exhibited for two months at the Women’s Museum of California and traveled to several venues including colleges.

She has written 3 “How To” books on photography, blogs on life lessons, and inspires others with her journey through life’s challenges and blessings.

Get Jennifer’s book: 

Book: The Art of Pregnancy Photography, Photographing the Child, The Digital Photographer’s Guide to Natural-Light Family Portraits

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