159: Bernie Griffiths and the Secrets to Million Dollar Studio Success

Do you want to make A MILLION DOLLARS?! 💰💰💰

My guest this week, Bernie Griffiths is going to tell you how! 🤩

With 40+ years experience in the biz, Bernie is a

📷 Studio Owner

📷 Photography Speaker

📷 Business Coach

📷 & Author of 2 books available now on Amazon, Success Secrets of a Professional Photographer and Quantum Leap My Life

We are so lucky to have an hour to pick his brain! 

Bernie gives the scoop on topics such as: 

📷Why some photographers fail & others don’t

📷How to use Facebook ads like a pro

📷Assessing whether a lead is really for you

📷+ more!

We are so lucky to have an hour to pick his brain! 

🎧 Listen now at the link in bio or wherever you listen to podcasts 🎧

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158: Charlene Stackle Explains Why Photographers Need Virtual Assistants

Are you overwhelmed with “all the things” to be done to run your photography business in a way that is fun and highly profitable? Then this interview is for you.

158: Charlene Stackle Explains Why Photographers Need Virtual Assistants

In this episode of The Profitable Photographer with Luci Dumas, Charlene Stackle gives us some super helpful explanation about the types of Virtual Assistants and why we might need a VA in our business. She also helps us think about ways we can specifically use them to help us have effective actions and more time to do what can grow our business.

She is a video & content marketer who specializes in virtual assistant services for and creates ease, consistency, and joy for portrait photographers & creators. She can be your biz bestie that does marketing, social, & video for you.

I loved having a conversation with Char and learning

  • The difference between two areas a VA can help us with…project based assignments and ongoing task
  • Where to find them
  • How to determine who might be a good fit and
  • What we might expect to invest

Thanks, Char, for a great conversation with tons of useful info.

News Flash!!! My group coaching program to help you become a Master Sales Person is open for enrollment and I would love to have you join us. Just click the “classes” tab on my website http://www.lucidumascoaching.com to learn more.

Char has a gift for you called “The Ultimate VA Tasks for Photographers”


and her contact info is

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157: Chip Dizárd – Conversations about Intentional Diversity and Finding Ideal Photography Clients

“It’s like a train. It’s going to pick up steam. If you keep at it, the referrals, the ideal clients will come. Do good work and do right by people. You can do it.”

It’s true what they say about your gifts making room for you: At the tender age of ten, Chip Dizárd received a piece of technology that would change the trajectory of his life.

On Christmas Eve 1978, he opened a gift and fell in love with the magic technology could create. His Atari 2600 would open his mind to exploring things and creating memories that last a lifetime.

As the years have progressed, so has his gift. Chip has been able to work with schools, churches, and businesses to grow their influence in their local and global communities. Skilled in web development, videography, photography, education, and public speaking Chip has taken his passion for technology and made it his mission to teach others. 

Our hostess Luci Dumas and Chip chat about finding your ideal client by “eliminating the worst and expanding on the best,” homing in on their interests and tastes, and knowing exactly where to find them. Chip also whittles the art of finding your niche down to three questions: What are you passionate about?, What are you good at?, and What drives your economic engine?

Finally, Chip speaks on his mission to promote diversity and inclusion via his personal brand as a wedding photographer, and encourages others in the industry to do the same in their own way.

The key to incorporating diversity and inclusion in your business successfully? For Chip, it’s all about keeping this reality in mind: Theyre not buying our services. Theyre buying how our services make them feel.

Key Topics:

  • Moving beyond having only friends and family as clients (4:10)
  • How to find your ideal clients (17:14)
  • Where to find your first few clients (24:50)
  • How to find your niche (30:48)
  • Diversity and inclusion in the event industry (38:15)
  • The challenge of “being noticed” as a woman or Person of Color in the event industry (50:57)
  • Chip’s parting words (58:17)
  • Luci’s wrap-up (59:27)


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156: Luci Dumas-Using the 5 Love Languages in Business

Today, our hostess and Mastercraftsman Photographer Luci Dumas unpacks the 5 Love Languages and how we as business owners can use this concept to our advantage.

Originally published in 1992 by Gary Chapman as a guide to the five general ways that romantic partners express and experience love, the observations behind the 5 Love Languages can easily be used to nurture any type of personal or even professional relationship.

Listen in as Luci offers practical, tried-and-tested ways to demonstrate to your clients the love languages of physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts, words of affirmation, and acts of service to set your photography business apart from all the rest!

Key Topics:

  • An introduction to the 5 Love Languages (2:08)
  • How Luci learned about the 5 Love Languages (5:07)
  • Incorporating practices in your business that hit on all five of the love languages (7:39)
  • Physical Touch (11:26)
  • Quality Time (13:07)
  • Receiving Gifts (17:07)
  • Words of Affirmation (21:16)
  • Acts of Service (24:58)


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155: Bryan Welsh- Exactly What To Say

“If you can truly be curious, listen to them, ask questions and then you will get information from them so that you can deliver something. Curiosity leads to a place of empathy where then you can truly understand them and then you have the courage to act upon it.”

Today, our hostess and Mastercraftsman Photographer Luci Dumas sits down with returning guest Bryan Welsh, a Master Photographer with 43 years of experience under his belt (between generations). He is a sought-after speaker whose mission is to create impact through creativity and storytelling.

Our conversation focuses on Bryan’s takeaways from the book Exactly What to Say by Phil M. Jones regarding how photographers can improve their communication skills in order to ask great questions, which in turn lead to great conversations. Furthermore, he reveals the crucial difference between selling and professional selling.

Listen in as Bryan speaks on the four cornerstones to professional selling: 1) The worst time to figure out what to say is when you need to say it. 2) Curiosity is the fuel. 3) People make decisions for their own reasons, not for yours. 4) The person asking the questions controls the conversation.

Key Topics:

  • Positive and negative changes in the industry over the past four decades (4:48)
  • The first cornerstone (10:32)
  • The second cornerstone (16:35)
  • The third cornerstone (26:53)
  • The fourth cornerstone (34:27)
  • Overcoming the fear of trying to “convince” people (45:10)
  • Bryan’s upcoming workshops (47:12)
  • The power of “Just imagine” (50:28)
  • Luci’s wrap-up (56:06)


BIG NEWS: Bryan will be teaching a day long class in Luci’s studio in San Diego in September, 2022. Click here for the details: http://www.mitportraits.com/ewts

Get in touch with Bryan Welsh at:

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154: Michael Mowbray – How to Enhance Your Photography with Off-Camera Flash

Today, our hostess and Mastercraftsman Photographer Luci Dumas sits down with Michael Mowbray, master photographer, author, teacher, IPC juror and entrepreneur. He is deeply involved in all aspects of the photography industry.

His DeForest, Wisconsin-based studio focuses on seniors, headshots, family, and commercial photography, while his MoLight brand of lighting equipment has quickly become a leading reseller of Godox flashes and MoLight’s own unique lighting products.

Michael is the author of the popular photography books Shoot to Thrill and The Speedlight Studio (Amherst Media).

Michael Mowbray-How to Enhance Your Photography with Off-Camera Flash

Listen in as Michael discusses how he was able to thrive as a photographer and business owner amid the most uncertain of times, beginning with the establishment of his company on 9/11.

The photography biz ace also talks about the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven him from an early age, the importance of being capitalized, and how one can even tell whether or not owning a business is for them.

Finally, Michael speaks on the advantages of off-camera flash in improving the quality of natural light photography.

Key Topics:

  • Navigating turbulent economic times as a photography business owner (7:56)
  • Delegating tasks and knowing when to hire (13:33)
  • Michael’s thoughts on entrepreneurship (19:31)
  • Knowing whether or not entrepreneurship is for you (26:22)
  • Establishing your content pillars (29:41)
  • Why it’s important to be capitalized as an entrepreneur (35:09)
  • Justifying higher prices (40:17)
  • The advantages of off-camera flash (42:55)
  • How to ensure your photos don’t look “fake” when using off-camera flash (48:43)
  • How to use a light meter with off-camera flash (52:25)
  • How to get in touch with Michael (1:01:37)


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153: Maria Oliva- Hot Instagram Tips for Wedding and Portrait Photographers

“If you were going to a networking event in person, what would you do, how would you respond to people approaching you, what would you share with them? These are the exact same things that you would do on your Instagram profile.”

Today, our hostess and Mastercraftsman Photographer Luci Dumas sits down with María Oliva, Founder and CEO of SMS Media, a social media coaching business for wedding vendors based in the DC area. She is on a mission to change the way wedding vendors approach Instagram by helping them create sustainable and fun strategies!

153: Maria Oliva- Hot Instagram Tips for Wedding and Portrait Photographers

Listen in as the digital marketing master shares how Instagram can become your go-to tool for attracting dream clients and why it’s important to niche down in order to maximize your ability to reach and start building relationships with those clients.

Referring to Instagram as “a free networking platform online,” Maria encourages any photographer looking to build a brand to be proactive in starting and continuing conversations, and to personally extend invitations to those who interact positively with their posts to join their community.

She continues on to offer a treasure trove of practical tips and strategies to grow your Instagram following and, ultimately, your client base. These include using hashtags effectively, creating posts based on your content pillars, finding opportunities to collaborate with local vendors, and visual branding best practices.

Key Topics:

  • Why Instagram is a great tool for attracting your dream clients (5:25)
  • Overcoming excuses that stop you from investing in your business (10:49)
  • How to build a community on Instagram (15:41)
  • Using hashtags effectively (23:45)
  • Establishing your content pillars (29:41)
  • Collaboration with vendors on Instagram (33:37)
  • Making money on Instagram (36:11)
  • Understanding the buyer’s journey (38:44)
  • Visual branding on how to provide value on Instagram (41:49)
  • Get María’s freebie and stay connected (49:35)
  • Luci’s wrap up (50:23)


Get María Oliva’s free Instagram selling guide:


Get in touch with María Oliva at:

Website: https://smsmediapr.lpages.co/our-services/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sms_mediapr/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sms-media-group-inc/

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