155: Bryan Welsh- Exactly What To Say

Jun 1, 2022

“If you can truly be curious, listen to them, ask questions and then you will get information from them so that you can deliver something. Curiosity leads to a place of empathy where then you can truly understand them and then you have the courage to act upon it.”

Today, our hostess and Mastercraftsman Photographer Luci Dumas sits down with returning guest Bryan Welsh, a Master Photographer with 43 years of experience under his belt (between generations). He is a sought-after speaker whose mission is to create impact through creativity and storytelling.

Our conversation focuses on Bryan’s takeaways from the book Exactly What to Say by Phil M. Jones regarding how photographers can improve their communication skills in order to ask great questions, which in turn lead to great conversations. Furthermore, he reveals the crucial difference between selling and professional selling.

Listen in as Bryan speaks on the four cornerstones to professional selling: 1) The worst time to figure out what to say is when you need to say it. 2) Curiosity is the fuel. 3) People make decisions for their own reasons, not for yours. 4) The person asking the questions controls the conversation.

Key Topics:

  • Positive and negative changes in the industry over the past four decades (4:48)
  • The first cornerstone (10:32)
  • The second cornerstone (16:35)
  • The third cornerstone (26:53)
  • The fourth cornerstone (34:27)
  • Overcoming the fear of trying to “convince” people (45:10)
  • Bryan’s upcoming workshops (47:12)
  • The power of “Just imagine” (50:28)
  • Luci’s wrap-up (56:06)


BIG NEWS: Bryan will be teaching a day long class in Luci’s studio in San Diego in September, 2022. Click here for the details: www.mitportraits.com/ewts

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