010 Andrew Hellmich: Master Photographer, Podcaster, and Salesman

Andrew Hellmich has been a successful wedding and portrait photographer for over 20 years. He also has an amazing and popular podcast called Photobizx. Luci has been on his show a few times and he asks surprising questions that get his guests to share motivating and practical tips to help you grow your own business.

Today he and Luci discuss how to find and qualify new clients through Facebook advertising, how to find your perfect client, and how to not waste time or giveaway your services to people who won’t become clients.

In this episode, Luci and Andrew discuss:  

  • Learning from what other successful photographers have done, not just in their shooting style, but also their business acumen 
  • You have to create an experience for your clients, it’s not just about your photos 
  • Find your perfect client and offer them something of value to start to create a relationship 
  • Be transparent and don’t be afraid to scare people off, you don’t want every client 
  • If you hope to make a living with photography, you have to focus on the business, not just the art 
  • If you are offering a giveaway, make sure you are pre-qualifying them before offering your services 
  • With a Facebook ad- The headline and the photo are both equally important, they both need to stop your potential client from scrolling past 
  • Facebook Pixels are an amazing way to track and target potential clients 

“Success in business as a photographer is more about the business of marketing  than the photography, or being the photographer that stands out among the crowd in regards to having their own style.” —  Andrew Hellmich 

To get Andrew’s Facebook ad cheat sheet click the link here: photobizxcom/cheatsheet 

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