184: Carly Sullens – Digital Artistry and New Renaissance for Photographers

This week on The Profitable Photographer Podcast we are thinkin’ OUTSIDE THE BOX with multi-talented artist and photographer, Carly Sullens. She helps us understand how to use the new tools in the current Creative Renaissance to create digital photographic art limited only by our imaginations.

Carly is an award-winning photographer, artist, digital painter, and educator. 

With a master’s degree in art therapy, Carly studied painting, psychology, and art history in both undergraduate and grad school. She added photography to her repertoire several years ago. Eventually, she began to apply her painting training, turning photos into works of art. Her photographs have earned tons of awards, including “Image Excellence.”

Carly combines her painting and photography worlds by exploring how photographs can be deconstructed and transformed into a new reality. 

She says, “The idea behind my work and what I teach is to push the artistic potential of photography and compose a new artistic image. Whether that be through digital painting or composite.”

In addition to art for the sake of beauty and exploration, Carly is also a trained art therapist, helping students tap into their own creative genius. “Art and symbolism speak to all of us in unique ways. To be more creative is to learn to sit with imagery, yours, and others and to listen.” 

If you’re looking for a way to tap into your creative genius, Carly says:

  1. Go within
  2. Notice the patterns that show up over and over
  3. Explore your emotions

And if you’re interested in taking up photo painting:

  1. Choose the right photograph
  2. Be sure the image has good highlights and shadows
  3. Test your digital brushes
  4. How you paint the pixels is up to your artistry
  5. Focus on fundamental principles like perspective, form, and color

It’s never too late to learn a new skill and add to your artistic portfolio. You never know what potential you’ll tap into.

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AND DON’T FORGET Carly’s free guide to photo-painting at https://paintedcamera.com/5strategieschoosingphoto 

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183: Luci Dumas – Handling Objections

“Salesmanship begins when the customer says no”…today’s quote from a coffee mug by Sandra Bynton

This solo episode by me, Luci, you know…your hostess with the mostest…is all about how to deal with objections from your clients.

No matter how great you are at photography, marketing, attracting ideal clients, or planting seeds for eventual purchasing, you need to know how to handle those inevitable objections. 

How? By having a strategy (and lot of responses in your back pocket) so you will have a great session and order you are really really happy about. 

In this episode, I cover the following topics:

  1. How to“Head um off at the pass”. I.E., anticipating and solving potential issues in advance.
  2. The value of becoming the trusted advisor.
  3. What to do first when someone asks a question or makes a comment that sets you back on your heels, or risks the entire success of the project.
  4. How to use the“Feel, Felt, Found” tool that is like magic.

And I offer several responses to common questions like “can we order more later” or “do you sell digitals?”.

Don’t miss this one. It can make all the difference in the world.

And thanks a zillion for listening! Luci

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151: Mitche Graf- Life Design for Photographers and other Humans

“If you live life with intention, as if every day is a Saturday, it changes your perspective. It changes what you do, what you say, and how you live your life. Every day can be a Saturday with the right perspective and the right attitude.”

Today, our hostess, Photography Business Coach Luci Dumas sits down with Mitche Graf, a daddy of 3, bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, internationally renowned business speaker, nationally syndicated radio show host, and former All American Track & Field athlete.

The amazing Mitche has been a passionate serial entrepreneur for over 25 years, dangling his toes into the ponds of many intriguing industries along the way. From selling used bicycle parts out of his garage in the seventh grade to running four companies today, he has prided himself on knowing how to squeeze every drop of potential out of his endeavors.

151: Mitche Graf- Life Design for Photographers and other Humans

Listen in as Mitche challenges business owners everywhere to find ways to charge more for your services by offering your clients even more value than you already do. In a similar vein, he speaks on the value of investing in your business sooner rather than later. He also offers advice on targeting your marketing toward your ideal client, and why you should never offer discounts.

The latter half of our conversation is all about lifestyle design, which is at the very center of everything Mitche teaches and does. He tells us, as entrepreneurs, to focus on the 5% of the activities that bring 95% of our results.

Key Topics:

  • What brought Mitche down his current path (3:28)
  • Overcoming excuses that stop you from investing in your business (7:44)
  • Attracting your ideal client (13:28)
  • Knowing when to pivot (16:24)
  • Pre-empting customer objections (23:17)
  • All about lifestyle design (26:49)
  • Working smart in addition to working hard (35:26)
  • Life is too short for regrets (42:16)
  • Everyday can be a Saturday (50:28)
  • Luci’s wrap-up (52:23)


Get Mitche Graf’s free book: powermarketing101.com/freebook

Get in touch with Mitche Graf at: sales@mitchegraf.com

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