183: Luci Dumas – Handling Objections

Dec 13, 2022

“Salesmanship begins when the customer says no”…today’s quote from a coffee mug by Sandra Bynton

This solo episode by me, Luci, you know…your hostess with the mostest…is all about how to deal with objections from your clients.

No matter how great you are at photography, marketing, attracting ideal clients, or planting seeds for eventual purchasing, you need to know how to handle those inevitable objections. 

How? By having a strategy (and lot of responses in your back pocket) so you will have a great session and order you are really really happy about. 

In this episode, I cover the following topics:

  1. How to“Head um off at the pass”. I.E., anticipating and solving potential issues in advance.
  2. The value of becoming the trusted advisor.
  3. What to do first when someone asks a question or makes a comment that sets you back on your heels, or risks the entire success of the project.
  4. How to use the“Feel, Felt, Found” tool that is like magic.

And I offer several responses to common questions like “can we order more later” or “do you sell digitals?”.

Don’t miss this one. It can make all the difference in the world.

And thanks a zillion for listening! Luci

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