194: Luci Dumas- Using “Magic” to Manifest/Attract Ideal Clients and More

Mar 1, 2023

Magic is real. Thoughts have power.

In this episode I am going FULL Woo Woo and talk about the power we have to become a magnet for success, attracting what we want in life, both big and small. The secret powers we have to manifest things like great photography clients, relationships, abundance, even a pair of the perfect sunglasses. (Listen for the tale of lost the sunglasses).

I often touch on this subject in my other podcasts and decided to go for it and claim my truth…that this stuff works (TSW) and that I use it all the time.

If the woo woo, or calling it the power of the Universe or God or a spiritual teacher is not your thing, you can call it awareness or accessing our own genius. Whatever you call it, my experience is that it is real, that actions combined with these manifesting principles go hand in hand to create the life we desire.

In this episode of The Profitable Photographer I share my perspective and experiences through 

-fun stories about my small miracles

-reference books and teachers on the topic

-tools like affirmations and visualizations


-the principles of the laws of attraction

-where this teaching came from historically

-the importance of positive energy/vibration and how to raise it

And how there is a loving and creative force always listening to our desires and ready to bring us what we want and that the more clear we are, the faster these things can come our way.

I am visualizing this episode being the perfect one for you right now, whether you have been on team “Law of Attraction” or this is new for you. Because you deserve to have all good things in your life!!

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