193: Johl Dunn – Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Feb 21, 2023

I just loved getting to know Australian photography and coach,  Johl Dunn. He helps ambitious photographers build a highly profitable business by creating a sales and marketing engine and completely rewiring their subconscious programming.

Listen in as Johl reflects on his journey as the owner of a portrait photography studio. He shares how he personally realized that mindset is infinitely more important than knowledge and skill when it comes to finding success.

Johl tackles common money blocks in the industry and why it’s important to look at money as energy exchange. He also gives his best advice to those who feel a lack of self-worth as the owner of a photography business.

Asked about the value of a coach, Johl says: “I went through a lot of stress, anxiety, and a lot of really hard times in my business. What I love about coaching is that I can fast-track the process for other photographers. They don’t have to make the same mistakes that I did. I can help them achieve a very powerful and profitable business relatively quickly!”

Key Topics:

  • What got Johl into photography and coaching (3:15)
  • Overcoming money blocks (7:30)
  • Defining “mindset” and typical shifts photographers need to make (10:12)
  • How your personal life affects your business life (17:25)
  • Johl’s personal story of how a simple mindset shift changed his life (20:30)
  • What to do if you’re experiencing a lack of self-worth (26:30)
  • A case for charging more for your services (34:04)
  • Scale your mindset to scale your business (41:34)

Learn more about Johl Dunn at https://www.johldunn.com/ and send him a message mentioning that you heard him on the Profitable Photographer Podcast for a FREE 30-MINUTE COACHING CALL with him! Also, check him out on Instagram and Facebook.

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