195: Kristin Sweeting – Destination Photography and Creating Income Streams

Mar 7, 2023

I had so much fun chatting with the amazing and lovely Kristin Sweeting, international wedding photographer, educator, and host of the Dangerous Creatives podcast. She’s been photographing weddings and celebrations around the world for over 11 years and photography work has taken her to over 20 different countries.

Listen in as Kristin explains how she manages a wedding photography business involving regular travel to other countries, and her advice to fellow photographers who likewise want travel to be a part of their lifestyle.

Kristin also does a deep dive into the four pillars of creative business revenue that every entrepreneur needs to work on to create a life of freedom: their meat and potatoes (i.e. retainer clients), main stars (your niche, i.e. wedding photography), enhancers (add-ons to your main services, i.e. albums and prints), and PJ profits (passive income, i.e. courses and an online gallery).

She also reminds us that the key to successfully creating multiple streams of income as a photographer is to focus on one thing at a time. Build your meat and potatoes until you reach that tipping point where your marketing efforts finally begin to break even. At this point, you’ll have enough referral momentum to start building your next stream of income!

Key Topics:

  • What inspires Kristin to become a photographer (4:01)
  • How wedding photography and retreats has taken Kristin to over 20 different countries (6:30)
  • The importance of knowing your numbers (15:48)
  • Navigating airport security as an international photographer (18:47)
  • Kristin’s international business retreats (21:51)
  • Creating multiple streams of revenue as a photographer (26:37)
  • The four pillars of creative business revenue (30:04)
  • Focus on one thing at a time (40:52)
  • What Kristin loves the most about being a creative entrepreneur (48:29)
  • Your authenticity is needed in the industry (52:52)

Grab Kristin’s free vision board templates over at www.dangerschool.com/freebies.

You can also check out her website, her Instagram accounts @kristinsweeting and @dangerouscreatives and shoot her an email at: kristinsweetingphotography@gmail.com

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