146: Alison Carlino- Night Sky Photography Tips

Today’s episode is a conversation with Alison Carlino about photographing the night sky, with side order of off camera flash photography . Let’s face it…being able to create excellent photographs is an important part of being a profitable photographer so I love chatting with someone about techniques to help us with that.

Alison is both an amazing photographer and teacher who photographs and educates around the world. In her 18th year of business, she teaches/judges for WPPI, PPA/Imaging, SWPP London, PPGH, Texas School of Professional Photography, TxPPA, and SYNC Sports. And Alison is proudly sponsored by Miller’s Professional Imaging.

We discuss her “go to” topics which are off camera lighting, soft boxes, and modern posing. When ask why she uses extra lighting she says she loves walking into a location and flipping it into something the eye cannot see.

Also, listen for this “Night Sky Photography” checklist and why you need to
1-know your equipment
2-scout during the day
3-Download the Photo Pills App…help plan…where and when
4-Bring tripod, wide angle lens, and shutter release
5-understand composition
6- understand where the dark skies are

I know you are going to learn a lot and be inspired to try some of her ideas both in your next portrait session, and make a date with the Milky Way.

Connect with Alison to learn about her classes and where she might
be popping up at a photography event near you.

(832) 595-7874

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