147: Michael Puck-Change The World Through Photographs Of Dogs In Commercial Spaces!

Mar 30, 2022

This podcast episode is about how we can change the world through photographs of dogs. I know your ears might be perking up wondering what this might mean. Listen to Michael Puck share about how he helps people smile more, photographers sell their canine photographs, and help businesses feel more friendly by using photographic art of dogs in their decor.

Michael started his photography business in 2016 as a nonprofit to help animals in need. In 2019 he merged my corporate business insights with my love for dogs and photography, by selling dog wall art to non-pet-related businesses (car dealerships, wealth advisors, chiropractors, insurance agents, etc.).

He just launched the Global Dog Art Gallery, a first-of-its-kind online gallery that sells finished dog wall art to relationship-focused businesses.

We cover his thoughts on

  1. Connecting the dots to come up with new business ideas by looking at the big picture
  2. How he learned that dog art can start conversations and have a good feeling about a business, and help employees enjoying their work more
  3. The fact that if you have print or TV advertisement that includes a dog, it is 65% more effective
  4. Ways to create great photographs of dogs

This is a conversation about how he thought “outside the box” and created a business that helps people feel happier, improves work environments, and helps photographers sell their work for profit. Bark if this sounds great!

Get your paws on his free online course on how to sell wall art to local businesses at www.K9photo.org/ecourse
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