145: Sergey Bogaitsev-Photography Business in Russia

Sergey lives in St Petersberg, Russia. I feel blessed to have had this conversation with such a wonderful human that lives on the other side of the world from me.

We recorded this amazing episode just weeks before the invasion of Ukraine. Please keep him and his friend and family in your thoughts.

Sergey has been a photographer since the age of 10 and has been a professional for 8 years…now earning income from his passion. He has been a judge for the International World Cup from the Russian Federation and we discuss this amazing competition and how it is organized.

In this special conversation, we go deep into how photographers around the world are really one family. I was a bit surprised to learn that his business practices, the creativity of Russian photographers, and the great relationships built with his clients are so similar to what we do in the US.

He also shares his love of collaborating with other photographers, creating projects that one person can’t do on their own, or have nearly as much fun doing. He talks about the resulting exhibits and new friends he has made around the world with these project.

Please connect with Sergey as he loves making new friends and supporting others on their creative journey.

Sergey Bogaitsev

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