136: Kira Derryberry- The Modern Family Portrait

Jan 7, 2022

Kira Derryberry needs you to get your shoot together.

She’s busy modernizing family portraits. Kira has found a way to take the traditional portrait, mix it up a little, and make it fun for the whole family.

Kira Derryberry is a Tallahassee-based photographer focused on Family and Commercial portraiture for 11 years

Kira is a proud member of Professional Photographers of America and has earned Master Photographer, Master Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer is an approved judge for International Photographic Competition, and as of March 2021, serves as Treasurer for PPA’s Board of Directors.

Kira is also the co-host of the Get Your Shoot Together Photography Podcast alongside fellow photographer and friend Mary Fisk-Taylor.

You won’t want to miss:
Why Kira loves a monochromatic greyscale.
How she sets boundaries.
Why she’s always promoting during the session.
How she knew she wanted to be a photographer.

Kira has some great advice on how to work smarter, not harder. You won’t want to miss what she has to say.

Connect with Kira
Podcast GetYourShootTogether.com
Instagram @shekira
Email info@kiraphoto.com