137: Luci Dumas- The Telephone Is Our Best Friend

Jan 11, 2022

This solo podcast episode is about why the telephone is still the most powerful too in our toolbox for creating successful high dollar sales of portrait and wedding photography.

Why? Because building a relationship with a client where they feel important, get excited about working with us, and start thinking about wall portraits is the foundation of my “Trusted Advisor” sales system.

I also share the “when and how” to talk about pricing with portrait and wedding photography clients.

In this episode I chat about

  • The step by step system/ phone script to book highly motivated ideal client
  • Why sharing too much too soon can sabotage a great potential booking
  • How to get over telephone anxiety
  • If or why you might (or might not) post your pricing on your website.

Get out your note pad and be ready for some very practical tips on what to say on the phone to make a nice connection, and plant seeds for great sales of wall portraits, albums, and more.

Best, Luci