135: Jeff Brown- LinkedIn -Tips For Gaining Endless Leads And Networking

Dec 28, 2021

Let’s embrace LinkedIn. At least that’s what Jeff Brown wants us to do. The platform has the power to allow you to access local and specialized content. It’s also a great place to collaborate. Because we all know that we’re better together than on our own.

Jeff Brown-Licensed Societies of Photographers and BIPPy, Military qualification through the Royal Navy, Wedding and Boudoir Photographer, Author of several best-selling books and articles for magazines, speaker, ambassador for Studio Ninja and Loxley Colour is Glasgow
Jeff is Sponsored by Loxley Colour in Glasgow to give help and support to their clients. ambassador for Studio Ninja software

If you’re ready to grow your network then you won’t want to miss this chat.

You won’t want to miss:
Why he loves reverse engineering.
The power of consistency.
The reason he wants you to just be yourself.
Why he’s a big proponent of niching.

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