123: Ania Volovique- Personal Growth Through Business

Oct 5, 2021

This week I’m joined by Ania Volovique. Mindset is everything and Ania knows this better than anyone. She also knows that being an entrepreneur is not an easy feat. It’s the ultimate course in self-development, forcing us to walk alongside our fears, strengths, and ego. She knows you’re worthy of greatness and wants you to realize it as well.

Ania Volovique is an empowerment coach, somatic release facilitator, soul-expression photographer and international speaker – who is committed to breakthrough societal conditioning and live life on her terms.
In 2019, Ania was diagnosed with brain cancer and got an opportunity to put all her skills into practice. A month post brain surgery, all her scans came back clear – no longer needing chemo or radiation. Navigating through the cancer experience with full trust and surrender, Ania understands the power of the mind-body connection and guides others to dance through any storm life offers.

You won’t want to miss

Why you’ll probably find Ania in a forest amongst the trees.
The reason she always pays attention to the words she chooses.
Her thoughts on imposter syndrome.
What experience bonded Luci and Ania.

I think Ania has a lot of wisdom when it comes to mindfulness. She gives solid and actionable advice on how to cultivate that in your own life. I loved talking to Ania and I hope you love listening to our interview!

Connect with Ania

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ania_volovique/
Website Volovique.com
Email ania@volovique.com
Facebook Ania Volovique Photography