122: Starting Your Business For Big Success

Sep 21, 2021

This episode is all about how to get started selling your work.

I know it can be overwhelming and confusing so I thought I would
give as much info about what to do and think about as I could squeeze out of my brain. This is in no way everything but it is a good foundation for success.

I share with you why the first step is to have a clear vision, a dream that is specific as well as a bit of fantasy, a simple business plan, and a defined goal.

I cover the importance of “Pricing for Profit” and how to do it, making the telephone your best friend and how the right conversations set up the entire system, and a few thoughts on why selling in person is best for your clients and you if you want a profitable business selling lifetime treasures (in my opinion of course).

And I share about the value of
-education of all types…including coaching and courses
-practice practice practice your photography skills, sales, and more

PS…I am started a group program in the fall and would love to help you learn my “secret sauce” and everything else that helps me and my coaching clients sell multiple wall portraits and albums consistently.

Just message me on Facebook or email me to set up a quick call about The Profitable Photographer Sales Academy Live, or anything else you want support with.