124: Mark Rosetto- 3 Keys to Rocking Your Marketing

Oct 12, 2021

Mark Rossetto is an international award-winning double master photographer (AIPP), a highly sought-after public speaker, teacher and a qualified Life and Photography Business Coach.

At just 25 years of age, Mark transformed his passion for photography from a hobby into one of Melbourne, Australia’s most successful family and wedding photographic studios. Each year Mark and his team photographed over 500 families and were consistently booked at capacity with weddings.

He loves marketing, or what he calls “the chase of the client”.
I first asked him to share what not do do and he says
– don’t be a jerk or sneaky
– don’t promise what you can’t keep
– don’t be afraid to ask for help

In this rich conversation, Mark suggests having 5 strategies or more at all times to have a consistent flow of clients. He shares his powerful perspective on the three aspects of marketing that are important for success.

1-Passive Marketing. It is your billboard…who you are and what you do. Don’t be invisible. Don’t be lazy in your passive marketing strategy

2- Active Marketing. It is when you go out and bring clients into your business.

3- Digital marketing amplifies everything.

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