092: Jenna Henderson- Boundaries Are Our Friends

Feb 23, 2021

Jenna Henderson is a boss bitch balance coach (her words) and photographer, with more than 15 years experience in the photography industry. Her super powers are giving creative women permission to feel empowered within their business journey, and helping them create a life of balance and peace. Jenna believes in validating creative careers and identities other than motherhood for woman. 

Her wisdom is also powerful for men and covers lots of important ways to have “the good life” as self employed professionals.

Our discussion covers several aspects of setting boundaries. She shares her thoughts on

   1- Time boundaries- setting up schedules that allow us to have the work life balance that creates more life satisfaction and success. 

   2-Space boundaries-It is important carve out a space for a work space at home because the lines get blurred. 

   3- Emotional-it is okay to pour ourselves into our clients but know when to have limits and communicate them.

Some of her tips include

      -the importance of self awareness. Is it serving me? 

      -starting small when making changes

      -manage expectations

      -energy- allow yourself to fully rest

She also has a lot to share about what she calls “Permission Mindset”. We are allowed to do whatever we want. “You have the life you have want. Do you. Focus on your wants and dreams.”

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