093: Luci Dumas-Natural Light Mastery

Mar 2, 2021

This week is a solo episode on The Profitable Photographer and is different than most. This episode is all about lighting, especially how to photograph outdoors without supplemental lighting.

Luci Dumas teaches photography skills that will help any photographer be more profitable by creating more sellable and beautiful portraits.

Luci Dumas is an expert at “Natural Light Photography”…meaning,…she
is highly skilled at finding and using available light to create her outdoor portraits. This goes beyond simply photographing late in the day or early morning to have that “sweet light” available when the sun is low in the horizon.

She shares the tips and principles that make a difference between just okay outdoor portraits and stunning images clients love and purchase
as art for her home.

Some of the information shared are
-the importance of directing light into the face
– why catch lights in the eyes are a powerful guide to portrait lighting
– what Luci means by “first tree in the forest” lighting and how to find it
-Why windows, doors, hallways, and walls are the key to great lighting

Click here receive the slides created to accompany this program