091: Mary Fisk Taylor-Storybrand Framework and Tips for Photographers

Mary Fisk-Taylor

MBA, M. Photog., Cr., EA- ASP, CPP, ABI, API
Certified StoryBrand Guide
Profit First Professional and Guide

PPA Vice-President and soon to be President Mary Fisk-Taylor has a rich career in photography as well as service to our industry.
For almost 25 years Mary Fisk-Taylor has owned a portrait and wedding business with her business partner, Jamie Hayes in Richmond, Virginia.
Hayes & Fisk Photography is one of the most sought-after Portrait and Wedding studios in their industry. Mary and Jamie are both incredibly
committed to preserving family legacies, professionally capturing and printing portrait and milestone memories.

Mary also co-hosts the podcast Get Your Shoot Together with Kira Derryberry and has her own consulting company helping other small business creatives be more profitable, sustainable and successful.

In this delightful interview, she share her knowledge of the very popular and powerful “Storybrand” model of marketing and communicating what makes us special to our ideal clients.

She explains step by step, the 7 part framework of this teaching and why it is so much more powerful than lots of flowery words about our studios or the need for our services.
Some of the steps are to

  • Agitate/illustrate a problem and tell how I can solve the problem
  • Make your client the hero.
  • Become the guide out of the problem using empathy and authenticity
  • Give them a plan- simple and clear. It is a good way for them not to be afraid.
  • Cast a vision of what their life can look like after working with us

She shares about coming from an authoritative place, the value of stories, testimonials, videos of clients viewing their portraits for the first time and much more.

Mary’s final word of encouragement is that everyone has days where you don’t feel worthy or just plain tired. Give yourself grace. Don’t compare. None of us is wearing superhero caps.

You can find her on Clubhouse and
Instagram @maryfisktaylor
podcast http://www.getyourshoottogether.com

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