090: Scott Josuweit-The Value of Purpose and Process

Feb 9, 2021

Scott Josuweit is a former 7th-grade special education math teacher turned wedding photographer.
He has earned six figures for the past five years and loves getting to work with other photographers to help their dreams come true.

Scott’s Zone of Genius is business systems. He loves them, he teaches about them, and we have a great conversation about them and much more.
The reason for this focus on systems with purpose, is so photographers can get their time back but also give their clients a personalized high-end high-touch experience. It also help us Bbe able to quantify your success so you can know where your money is coming from, keep adapting

We also discuss how to use your CRM to help other. One example…how could you use it by helping serve vendor
create a gallery for one specific venue where they can easily find my photos. That is the Purpose.

Then he share the Process which is to
1-create the gallery
2-create video to help the vendor know how to use it
3-invite vendor by meeting in purpose

His last thoughts are this…
Stop constantly consuming educations and start implementing and see what happens

To contact Scott Josuweit you can go to his website, facebook, or instagram