081: Bob Coates- Lens Based Art

This weeks interview with M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP Bob Coates is focused on Fine Art and tips on how to market.

Bob has been a pro commercial, weddings and portrait photographer for over 13 years and “mucking about” with photography before that for many years. He was quickly profitable because he was able to leverage marketing and business learned working in other fields.

Also an author, photographic educator and fine art photographer over the years, he is now gearing totally toward commercial and fine art as a ‘Lens Based Artist” where the final image starts with photographs and then they are enhanced from there.

He share many practical tips for photographers, including how to communicates to galleries, and other fine art locations, and the benefits of visiting galleries

Topics include suggestions about-

1-Getting in galleries…how to sell, speak to the galleries in a way that they relate to
2- How to not under charge
3- The show circuit
4- Juried shows
5- Selling on line on line
6-The easiest way to sell is to people who already buy your work

Bob’s final thought is the importance of being a better marketer in any specialty. “If you don’t market and sell your work…it is not going to happen”

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You can reach him via email with questions bob@bcphotography.com

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