082: Margaret Bryant-Pet Photography

Dec 15, 2020

For Margaret Bryant, life “going to the dogs” is a great thing. She has specialized in photographing pets in her Carrollton (Dallas), Texas studio in since1998…before it was a thing. Now she is an award winning PPA Mastercraftsman, CPP photographer, teacher and author on the art and business of photographing pets.

She is a nine time PPA Photographer of the Year medalist and a two time PPA Grand Imaging Award finalist so clearly you will want to listen and learn, even if pets aren’t your specialty. Her books are available on Amazon and have helped countless photographers become much better pet photographers.

She loves to talk about capturing the love and whimsy of the dogs (and cats) in front of her camera and share some of the secrets to success in this fairly new, very popular specialty.

Topics include
1- The importance of understanding dog behaviors, body language and breeds.
2- Managing expectations
3- The importance of finding your own voice
4- Why she always has consultations before sessions
5- Oodles of thoughts about building a successful pet photography business
6- Some comparisons Luci and Margaret discover between photographing dogs and young children
7- Tips on how to find great client

Learn about her workshop in July 2021 here https://www.dogphotobootcamp.com/

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