079: Darryl Glade-Real Estate Photographic Tips

Nov 24, 2020

Real estate photographer Darryl Glade’s experience as a top realtor in Louisiana for 10 years gave him deep insights into the needs of of photographers and realtors. He co-founded Rocket Photo an online marketplace that connects Realtors with photographers.

In this episode, we chat about how Real Estate Photography can be very lucrative, and supplement income for photographers who have had a drop in clients due to the pandemic. Homes are still being sold and the need for great images is constant.

In this interview Darryl shares so much wisdom including his ideas on
-Camera and other equipment needed
-Drones-how to use them to increase sales and service
-How to be a problem solver for your client
-Why systems can greatly increase your income

You might discover a new passion and way to use your camera and talents for additional income.

Register as a photographer on Rocket Photo in 2020 and he will upgrade your account to Premium for free for 6 months.