078: Jeff Fasano-Learning to “See the Light”

Nov 18, 2020

Jeff Fasano is an amazing photographer, and a well respected professional in Nashville. Tennessee. He has captured the essence, heart and soul of legendary actors, notable artists and musicians. His unique style of environmental portraiture truly expresses his passion and what he loves.

Lighting is one of his super powers and he loves to help photographers “see the light” and learn to use it well to create images that use the power of light to “wow” the viewer, and create strong impact.

Some of his tips are
– that you don’t have to be award winning to be very successful in business
– that being highly skill with lighting is one key to profitability

He share 3 exercise that can greatly improve your ability to see and use light masterfully.

Though not a direct discussion about making money, this impactful conversation will give you insights into how to create drama ,and develop more awareness about the use of natural and studio light to stand out from the crowd. Better photography always helps us on the path to more profitablity.

You can see Jeff’s amazing work at Jeff Fasano Photography www.jefffasano.com
and send questions to jeff@jefffasano.com