077: Colby McLemore- Commercial Photographer and Marketing

Colby McLemore of Colby’s Photos & Videos has had a highly successful advertising/commercial photography business located in East Tennessee for over 15 years. He usually works both on location and in his downtown Knoxville, TN studio. 

Marketing has been a passion since he was young and he loves to share his experience and wisdom on how to have a successful business as a photographer.

Some of the topics Luci and Colby discuss are 

1. The  different about commercial photography from portraits. 

2. Digital marketing and SEO

3. Testimonials and reviews and how to cultivate them and why

4. The joy of working in a collaborative environment 

5. Networking as a powerful foundation for a business

And his final suggestion is to “Just Do It”. Get out of your rut and just get going.

To connect with Colby call or email 


(865) 924-1455

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