071: Aly Elliott- Unconventional Marketing

Sep 29, 2020

In this episode of The Profitable Photographer Podcast, Luci Dumas introduces you to brilliant and successful photographer, Aly Elliott. The topic, unconventional marketing, is explored in some very creative and surprising ways.

Aly has been a professional photographer since 2007. PPA Master Photographer and CPP and a certified Master Photographer with the National Association of Professional Child Photographers. She and her husband have 6 kids and manage to have a thriving photography business, successfully balancing the needs of both.

She has a gorgeous little studio on the Bloomington, Indiana town square and focuses portrait work on maternity, newborns, and family. She is also a photography educator, speaking across the country, as well as an exhibiting artist.

In this episode of the Profitable Photographer Luci and Aly discuss:

•Aly’s life, and how she built her business to into what it is today •Why you have to build a foundation of ways to reach people
•Aly’s unique, unconventional marketing ideas
•Video marketing–powerful marketing and how you can implement it

Key takeaways:

•Efficiency with your workflow allows you to put time into other areas of your life
•Exhibition can be helpful for your business. Coffee shops, galleries, etc. •Marketing is a matter of connection
•Don’t give up…play the long game

Connect with Aly Elliott:
Phone: (812) 890-4980
Email: aly@rootsandwingsphotography.com
YouTube: Mrs. Aly Elliott

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