055: Elizabeth Opalenik -Fine Art Photography for Fun and Profit

Jun 9, 2020

This week, Luci speaks with Elizabeth Opalenik, a photographic artist, who believes all good photographs are self portraits that lie somewhere between imagination and dreams. A sought after teacher, her 40 year career has found her teaching or making images on six continents, seeking the beauty and grace that exists within all things, especially women. 

Elisabeth’s work is collected, published and exhibited Internationally. In addition to her impressive resume, she also travels with Medical Ministry International, documenting the projects of eye doctors in Colombia, Bolivia and the Amazon. 

In this episode, Elisabeth shares her story on how she became a teacher of fine art photography and how artists can get their art displayed for the masses. 

Topics Include: 

-What is the difference between fine art and commercial photography 

-How you can make money from fine art 

-What the future holds for brick-and-mortar galleries 

-Why an audience will find your art, once you become true to yourself

-How art that conveys a feeling can make it accepted universally 

-Untraditional ways to get your artwork shown 

Connect with Elisabeth Opalenik:

Website: www.opalenik.com

Book: Poetic Grace – Elisabeth Opalenik Photographs 1979-2007

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