054: Luci Dumas-Workflow And Getting Stuff Done

In this solo episode with Luci, she explores the topic of workflow and how accomplishing tasks will make you more successful. One of the most important aspects of running a profitable photography business, or any business for that matter, is adopting an effective system for getting stuff done. Luci explores tips and tricks on how to streamline your workflow, become more organized, and how to adopt a task-oriented mindset.

Topics Include:

-Why photographers and manufacturers are synonymous

-How working with only a few photography labs will help you to grow a relationship with the company, which will help to correct printing mistakes in the future

-Ways to track your workflow, both visually and online

-When you should outsource tasks to other people, or hire someone to help you organize your office

-Learn to be more efficient in your tasks and how software can help you to speed up production steps

-Why it’s important to maintain a relationship with past clients and suggestions on how to make them want to work with you again

-Study time management strategies, especially those that are more focused towards creatives

If this solo episode was helpful for you, Luci will send you her workflow list for FREE! Just email her your request to luci@lucidumas.com, and she will email you important lists that are sure to help your productivity.

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