056: Julie Steelman- Creating Wealth and Your Money Mindset

This week Luci speaks with Julie Steelman. Julie is an author, an award-winning wildlife photographer, wealth, and cash flow creation coach. She earned her way out of corporate at the age of 47- but her journey to financial success started 30 years earlier.

When she was a young child watching “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” every Sunday night, she knew she needed to create an abundance of money to go to Africa. That was her defining moment and when she began to listen to her own “wild” instinct.

That instinct carried her through 25+ years in Corporate America, generating over $100 million in revenue. She has authored multiple books and is about to release her first-ever photography book, Wild, Sacred Beauty.

In this episode, Julie shares her story of creating a wealth and money mindset. Topics include:

-Her path out of corporate America by believing in her vision

-Wealth is not just about doing. There is a spiritual component to it.

-Following the leadership of if a vision.

-How getting stuck can be draining and the fear is like being drunk…being cloudy. How we can find the way out?

-Getting above your beliefs about money.

-How wealth is about our ability to create instead of react.

-Nature photography, her passion for taking people to Africa.

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