051 Christine Tremoulet- Social Media, Sales Funnels, & Blogging Brilliantly

Christine Tremoulet is a photographer, blogger, coach and best selling author of Blogging Brilliantly for Your Business: 30 Days to Dominate Your Market, which is available now on Amazon. Christine started her photographer business in 2007 and was fully booked, making 6-figures in her first year of business.

In this episode, Christine shares her marketing secrets to success, including the strategic use of social media and the power of storytelling.

Topics Include:

-How to convert followers into clients

-Debunking the myth that having thousands of social media followers means you’re successful

-Why all business owners should have a separate business and personal social media accounts

-How to use the power of local networking on Instagram and other social media applications to gain your ideal clients

-Why blogging isn’t a thing of the past and how it helps to increase your company’s Google search availability

-Ways to advertise online without spending a lot of money

-Why it is important to create a relationship with a potential client before asking them to endorse you

-Tips on how you should interact with others on Instagram and what you should post on your feed versus your story

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