050 Bernie Griffiths: How To Market & Sell Your Photography

May 5, 2020

Bernie Griffiths is a studio owner, business mentor, speaker, and author of “Success Secrets of a Professional Photographer” and “Quantum Leap My Life”. Bernie has owned three successful wedding and portrait photography studios for over 40 years, with a yearly turnover of almost a million dollars.

In this episode, Bernie coaches you his Facebook Ad secrets and on how to market and sell your photography through a series of valuable tips.

Topics Include:

-Steps small business owners should be taking in the midst of a pandemic.

-How to polish up your business, and gain a mindset filled with daily affirmations of gratitude.

-What to do when your traditional streams of income are running dry and how to become more creative about obtaining income during this recession.

-What social media applications photographers should be using in order to advertise themselves for future clients.

-What advertising headlines are more attractive to potential clientele.

-Selling mechanisms to use when cold calling potential clients and verbiage that will get them to want to work with you.

-Why “keeping it simple” during your marketing is the best possible way to attract more clients.

-How to overcome small fears of failure and how this section can help you to overcome your fear hurdle.

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