048: Luci Dumas-Self Motivation & Self Discipline

Apr 21, 2020

“Don’t just sit there, do something.”

This solo episode with Luci is all about Self-Motivation. How to wake up every day (well, most days) and move forward towards goals, big and small, under all situations. She also explores some of the inner challenges and growth opportunities as a self-employed artist.

Topics Include:

– It’s important to keep our “why” in mind beyond money, goals or ego satisfaction.

– Keep focus on what your deeper purpose is when you lose energy or can’t focus.

– Luci has managed 38 years staying in business as a portrait and wedding photographer.

– Always do your best. We are only human and will have different levels of energy, so just go with it.

– Downstream action is when you go with the flow and with “divine timing.”

– You should always get support to stay and be more motivated. This includes a coach, a power partner or even a small support group.

– Reading motivational, educational, and inspirational books and listening to webinars, podcasts, and videos keep us growing.

– Always try new things, play around, and do creative activities with friends.

– GRIT is very important and helps you stick to moving towards your goals and dreams.

– Set small doable goals for yourself daily, these small actions will lead to more motivation.

– Luci is discovering how much a routine of gym twice a week keeps her positive, especially during this “stay at home” order.

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