046 Megan Breukelman: New York Photographer & Tips for Creating Cash Fast

Apr 14, 2020

Luci’s guest, Megan Breukelman is a photographer, magazine editor and hostess of Photo Op Podcast. She loves to help photographers with their podcast and magazines to build their passion. She is based in Brooklyn New York and works as a wedding photographer with her husband.

In this episode, Megan Breukelman she shares tips to keeping your photography business afloat during this pandemic.

Key Points:

• Advice for future photographers, is to have a nest when you leave your previous job to ensure that you are covered because anything can happen.

• Reaching out to potential clients during this pandemic will help you supplement your income at this time.

• You can learn more about stock photography with Matt Haywards class on Adobe Stock.

• You can polish up what you are doing in your business and sell it to others in the form of investment guides, templates etc.

• You can use your photography to help the community during this time.

• Sometimes as a photographer you can have seasons of drought and seasons of abundance so it’s important to keep yourself motivated.

• Look into your local grants to help you during this hard time as a photographer.

• A good way to keep yourself motivated is to have the mindset of starting your business again.

• Entering photography contests online can be a fun and good way to market yourself and earn some income.

• Start booking for early fall to ensure you have bookings lined up for income.

• By staying in contact with your clients and potential clients you can build strong relationships and ensure you keep bookings.

You can reach Megan on her website meganbreukelman.com, where you can send her a message. Or you can reach her on her Instagram at meganbreukelman

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