045 Brooke Summer: Boudoir Photographer and website Queen

Mar 31, 2020

Luci’s guest, Brooke Summer runs a successful boudoir and glamour photography business, photographer and like me, helps photographers achieve success in their creative endeavors. She teaches, has a podcast named Business Straight Up Podcast!

Having the ideal clients is essential for your business. In this episode, host Luci Dumas speaks with Brooke Summer and she shares tips to finding the ideal clients for your business.

Key Points:

• It’s important to identify who you want to work with for your marketing. Think about the following ways to identify them…beyond where they live, what they drive, and their income

  • What do they fear, value, get exited about
  • What keeps them up at night
  • Think about previous versions of ourselves

• Knowing how you want to serve people will help you find the ideal clients.

• It’s important to dig deep inside you to understand yourself to find know what kind of individuals you will love to serve.

• Making sure text is on your website pages, especially your home page will bring in your ideal clients.

• Every single page on your website can be SEO specific.

• What you do for your clients matters and is valuable.

You can reach Brooke on her website businessstraightup.com, where you can access her freebies and resources.

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