044 Luci Dumas- Surviving and Thriving

Mar 22, 2020

It is a scary and confusing time for all of us…including me. Survival and health for us and those we care about, financial fears in the short run, and the long term picture of how to continue to grow and thrive in our businesses is naturally all up for everyone.

I am sharing my thoughts not just for you but as a reminder of what I know and need to hear too.

PART ONE= My thoughts and experiences surviving and thriving through another life challenge

-Project yourself into the future

-Stay in the moment.

Fear comes from what we are thinking might happen in the future. Pain comes from thinking about the past. Realize that right in this moment you are fine…you can see, breath, have shelter, food, internet, people who care for you that you love. clean water…

-Meditate and BREATH, especially slow breaths out

-Take beauty breaks. Fill yourself with joy and creative activities that fill your soul

-Don’t suffer in advance. Appreciate how you feel now that is positive and comfortable

-Get support. Let people know when you need help. Ask for people to send love and prayers when you need extra help and even miracles

-TRUST that there is something “on our side” adding extra support during difficult times.

-Put positive affirmations on cards around your house. Create some “mantras” for yourself and think them as a habit…especially when you feel fear. Mine are “money comes to me easily and with love” and “Whatever happens, i will handle it” and “Thank you for everything. I have no complaints whatsoever”. “it’s all good”

-Have books wherever you sit and even in the restroom you can open and read something uplifting .

-GRATITUDE…list them out loud and on paper…both big and small

-Learn thought stopping techniques

-To sleep…fairy tales, reviewing a favorite movie or book, slowing thinking about a scripture or other uplifting poem you know by heart

-Of course eat healthy, take walks and other forms of exercise

-Connect with positive people…share what you feel with those who will not make it worse or discount what you feel

-Watch videos and listen to podcasts that uplift you, and give you a sense of peace.

PART 2= Thriving in business by what we do now

I have been in business full time for 38 years. There have been about 6 recessions including 9/11 and the 2008/2009 great recession. What I saw is a lot of people cutting their marketing budget to save money go out of business. I saw people with poor business practices go out of business. I saw people like deers in headlights, make no changes shut their doors. And I especially saw people lowering prices loose their businesses. What I did was step EVERYTHING up. I improved my marketing, my photography, my branding, my website. I spent time improving my systems, and getting more physically organized. I took LOTS of classes to grow. I kept a positive attitude and hung out with people that were also positive. I pampered myself with little joys. When things turned around, there was a lot less competition. And I had a stronger business and my sales average was higher with more happy clients than ever before. “Fear not” and get busy getting in a better position to thrive.

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