043 Arica Dorff: Award Winning Pet Photographer

Mar 17, 2020

There are many important things to know to make your business a success! Luci Dumas speaks with pet photographer and PPA Photographic Craftsman, Arica went from owning a luxury retail studio to selling her business and doing “Pet Photography Road Trips”, as a traveling pet photographer. She shares what to know within your business to make it successful and profitable. Also tune in for some fun photography tips!

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” -Helen Keller

In this episode, host Luci Dumas speaks with Arica Dorff and they discuss….

• Arica shares her inspiring story as a traveling pet photographer
• What is most important to know in your business
• Examples of ways to be successful within your business

Key Points:

• Laying a foundation in your business with your core values is important for success.
• Make sure you aren’t committing to something in your business that is going to burn you out.
• In order to come up with pricing in your business, you need to look at your numbers and make sure they make sense.
• Start your pricing on the higher end, not too high but higher and then increase it gradually, for example by 2% a year to avoid a large noticeable increase.
• By eliminating your prices online, you can bring in more clients and steer them away before they know what you even have to offer.
• By doing step by step sales you can increase what your clients are getting which will help steer them in the bigger package direction due to more quantity, quality etc.
• By adding on things to your packages as examples to interest your clients, you can steer them towards higher packages.
• You have many options within your business to mold it and present it how you want to. This includes remotely, on the road, your different products etc.
• Fun photography tip! When photographing a family, always have an assistant for relief and to help get things back on track. When photographing a pet, for example a dog, always have them bring a family friend or close person to that pet to keep everything on track!
• Not doing remote sales can benefit in many ways. One being that the people are in their environment and seeing what your products can do for them.
• One last great tip from Arica, base your business model on the lifestyle you want to live. Don’t base it on what you THINK it should be, but actually what you WANT it to be.

You can reach Arica Dorff to learn all about traveling pet photography on her website aricadorff.com or her email arica@aricadorff.com

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