042 Thomas Vargeletis: Real Estate Photography

Mar 10, 2020

About Thomas Vargeletis: Thomas Vargeletis is the founder and CEO of TV photography. It’s a highly profitable, Massachusetts-based real estate, photography, and videography company. Ever since building the six-figure photography business, Tom has developed a passion for teaching others the things that he’s learned from years of experience training and trial and error. He has his own called The Full Time Real Estate Photographer Podcast, and his book is the same name.

In this episode, Luci and Thomas discuss:

  • Things you need to know to get started as a real estate photographer.
  • Lighting, camera settings, and fundamentals of real estate photography.
  • Creating a business from your real estate photography.

Key Takeaways:

  • Real Estate photography is a high-volume field with a low barrier of entry, making it accessible to those getting into the industry.
  • Either you live in a house or you know somebody who does and you can practice the fundamentals and practice now.
  • People who persevere through failures will succeed.

“Learning real estate photography is a great way to fund your passion projects because you can take income from your photography while you’re learning and practicing. It’s just a great genre of photography to get into.” —  Thomas Vargeletis

Connect with Thomas Vargeletis:

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