023 Thom Singer: Getting Great Leads

How to be a Profitable Photographer by attracting the right leads

Thom Singer is obsessed with getting people to take actions that lead to successHe loves to say “Potential Does NOT Equal Performance”. We have a great conversation about marketing and so much more.

In this episode, Luci and Thom discuss:

  • Network with the people that should be hiring you
  • Building your personal brand
  • Giving back

Key Takeaways:

  • Word of mouth is the most common tool people still use to find a reference, be proactive
  • Personality is a big part of keeping clients coming
  • Lead by example, refer other’s

“All opportunities in life come from people.” — Thom Singer

Connect with Thom Singer:

2018 TEDx Talk https://youtu.be/8sIL_4zOzG8

Twitter: thomsinger?lang=en

Facebook: ThomSingerSpeaker/

Website: thomsinger.com/

Email:  thom@thomsinger.com

Books: thomsinger.com/books/

Show: cool-things-entrepreneurs-do

Blog: http://thomsinger.blogspot.com/

Connect with Luci Dumas:

Twitter: @lucidumas

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Website: http://www.lucidumascoaching.com

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