024 Kimberly Buccheri and Bud Thorpe: High-End Photography

Nov 5, 2019

Create the Luxury Experience

Kimberly Bucchiari and Bud Thorpe are full time dog and pet photographers based in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.  They create carefully crafted wall art for their clients while providing them a carefully orchestrated customer experience.   

Bud is a master of studio lighting also present The Master Lighting Course, an online studio lighting program and community for photographers of all levels.  

This conversation includes details on creating that luxury experience and also, the importance of being a darn good photographer.

In this episode, Luci, Kimberly and Bud discuss:

  • The high-end customer experience
  • Lighting tips
  • The importance of excellence in photography

Key Takeaways:

  • Mentorships are a valuable aspect of continuing education
  • Carefully craft the whole experience from beginning to end
  • Creating an imagine you love will translate to your client

“Confidence comes from competence.” —  Bud Thorpe

Connect with Kimberly and Bud:

Facebook: KimberlySarahPhotography/

Website: kimberlysarahphotography.com/


Email:  kim@kimberlysarahphotography.com


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