022 Attila Adam: Commercial Photography Marketing Tips

Attila Adam is an award winning independent filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles. While working in the commercial film production space for over a decade, he turned his passion of photography into a full time business.

I enjoyed our deep dive into the world of commercial photography because I know about portrait and wedding photography from experience, and love to learn new things. I hope you get lots of great ideas as well

In this episode, Luci and Attila Adam discuss:

  • Photography on a movie set
  • The value of personal projects
  • 4 Tips on growing your business

Key Takeaways:

  • It is a beautiful experience working with artists in different fields
  • Keeping adding to your resume all the time
  • Expose yourself to more art

“You want to become visible.” —  Attila Adam

Connect with Attila Adam: 
Twitter: attilaadam_ 
Facebook: aadamphoto/ 
Website: aadamphoto.com/contact 
Email:  attilaadamphoto@gmail.com   
Phone:  818) 378-7775

Connect with Luci Dumas: 
Twitter:   @lucidumas 
Facebook:   facebook.com/LuciDumasInsightTrainingForPhotographers 
Website:    http://www.lucidumascoaching.com 
Email:   luci@lucidumas.com  
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/luci-dumas

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