022 Attila Adam: Commercial Photography Marketing Tips

Oct 22, 2019

Attila Adam is an award winning independent filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles. While working in the commercial film production space for over a decade, he turned his passion of photography into a full time business.

I enjoyed our deep dive into the world of commercial photography because I know about portrait and wedding photography from experience, and love to learn new things. I hope you get lots of great ideas as well

In this episode, Luci and Attila Adam discuss:

  • Photography on a movie set
  • The value of personal projects
  • 4 Tips on growing your business

Key Takeaways:

  • It is a beautiful experience working with artists in different fields
  • Keeping adding to your resume all the time
  • Expose yourself to more art

“You want to become visible.” —  Attila Adam

Connect with Attila Adam: 
Twitter: attilaadam_ 
Facebook: aadamphoto/ 
Website: aadamphoto.com/contact 
Email:  attilaadamphoto@gmail.com   
Phone:  818) 378-7775

Connect with Luci Dumas: 
Twitter:   @lucidumas 
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Website:    www.lucidumascoaching.com 
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