020 Christina Peters: Food Photography - The Art and Business of a Delicious Business

Oct 14, 2019

Christina Peters is a highly sought after food photographer, educator, andcreated the first food photography membership site called The Food Photography Club. Her work is beyond amazing.In this episode, Luci and Christina discuss:

  • How to find your focus
  • The art and craft of food photography
  • Postcard marketing

Key Takeaways:

  • Working for other photographers teaches you both what to focus on and what not to do
  • Play around with different types of food and what techniques you like
  • Pay attention to what works, who responds to which postcard

“Prospecting takes the most time out of all of the marketing, but pays off.” —  Christina Peter

Connect with Christina Peters:Facebook: TheFoodPhotographyClub/

Website: https://foodphotographyblog.com/ https://www.foodphotographyclub.com/

Email: cp@foodphotographyclub.com

Special offer-$7 introductory membership for 2 weeks at www.foodphotographyclub.com/PPL

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Twitter: @lucidumas

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