018 Nichole Begley: Photographing Pets for Fun and Profit

Sep 24, 2019

How to have a highly profitable business photographing “fur children”.

Nicole is a successful pet photographer and teacher on how to be highly profitable doing what you love. In this episode, she shares her passion and skill photographing and selling gorgeous portraits of pets and their people.

In this episode, Luci and Nicole Begley discuss:

·        Opportunities for Photographers and Specializing
·        Pricing with the end in mind
·        7 Tips for photographing animals and marketing tips

Key Takeaways:

·        Do what you love, and you will have all the patience you need
·        Learn the natural history of the animal and their owner
·        Camera settings to capture that priceless photo, take your time

“Everything you want might just be on the other side of that hard decision.” —  Nicole Begley

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