017 Luci Dumas: IPS-Selling Portraits in Person

Sep 21, 2019

Why in person sales of printed photographs is best for our clients and our businesses

In the digital age, some people feel that providing full service for photography clients and specializing in portraits that become wall decor and family heirlooms has gone the way of the dinosaur. This episode goes deep into why people still are delighted to purchase beautifully printed photographs from professionals.

In this episode, Luci discusses:

  • Taking a deeper look into her life of aspirations and her purpose
  • Reasons being a full service studio is best for clients and photography businesses

Key Takeaways:

  • Wall portraits capture an unmatchable memory that evoke emotions every day. A digital image is just the beginning.
  • Selling portraits in person allows rapport building
  • Wall portraits have the strong emotional impact

“You get to hear the positive comments that come from your clients and the beauty of that you start to understand and feel more and more confident about your work” —  Luci Dumas

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